Monday, February 4, 2008

Veggies and Rice

After eating chicken for a few days, today was time for something different.
I still had tofu from the hot and sour soup so I wanted to use it before it sat in the fridge too long. Also, sauteed veggies is just away of using what's in the fridge.

For me the thing to do with tofu is to brown it a little before adding the other ingrdients. The browning gives the tofu a nutty flavor and a little texture.

The veggies I used were
Nappa Cabbage

Soy Sauce
Oyster Sauce

No specific amounts. It's all to taste.
You can finish it off with a little cornstarch slurry to make a little gravy, but I generally don't like adding cornstarch.

The veggie saute cooking away.

Okay... I had something else besides veggies and rice.
I went to the local chinese and ordered their Sesame Beef. This crispy beef dish covers all the flavor senses. Slightly sweet with a faint hint of peppers, garlic and ginger, plus the crunch and nutty taste of sesame seeds.

A nice change from chicken.

Want some? :-)


Anonymous said...

Yes!!! I want some! Looks delicious!

Eat4Fun said...

Ask and you shall receive!