Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jan 15: Vinegar Tasting

Now that I've finished the vinegar experiment... I was trying to figure out a way to describe the vinegar. A quantitative analysis is difficult to do since I can't titrate the pH level nor do I have a pH meter or litmus paper.

The best I can do is a qualitative assessment - a tasting.

These are some of the vinegars I have in my pantry. From right to left, a big jug of distilled white vinegar, rice vinegar, homemade white wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar and red wine vinegar.

1/2 Tablespoon was poured into ceramic dishes.
Bread and water was used to cleanse the palate.

A small teaspoon was used to sip the vinegar.
An image of the homemade vinegar.

The Results
Due to the different types of vinegars with different flavors it was hard to do a side-by-side comparison to compare flavors and pH (sourness) levels.

Vinegar ranking from strongest to weakest
1.Red Wine - packed the strongest punch/aroma is strong
2. Apple Cider - apple flavored, sour/aroma of apples
3. Rice - suprisingly stronger than I expected, a slight molasses flavor/aroma typical rice vinegar.
4. Apple Cider (Raw) - has a natural fresher apple flavor/aroma of fresh apples
5. Homemade White Wine - all I can says it's different than distilled/no noticeable aroma
6. Distilled White - surprisingly mild/aroma typical of distilled vinegar, but not overwhelming compared to the other vinegars.

The homemade vinegar was tart and has slightly more flavorful (slightly lemony and dry) than distilled.

What I learned about comparing vinegars is to compare the same types. However, there are too many vinegars in the pantry to start adding bottles of white wine vinegar to the collection. :-)


Anonymous said...

Very interesting tasting test. Yes vinegars are so different that comparing different kinds might not be a "fair" test. I like coconut vingear and rice wine vinegar and I have had fig vinegar (from the southern USA) which was very spicy and hot and tart.

Eat4Fun said...

It's was a challenge to compare the vinegars. I need to figure out another way.