Monday, April 20, 2009

Apr 20: Roast Beef

I've been experimenting around with different ways of roasting beef.
My objective is to find a way to cook an inexpensive roast like a beef bottom round.
Usually, I try marinading overnight with garlic, wine... the whole kitchen sink... etc. However, lately, I've been trying the "simpler the better" route.

Roast Beef
1 Beef Roast
Garlic Powder
Black Pepper

1/ The night before, generously season all sides of the beef with salt.

2/ The next day... Pre-heat the oven to 250F.
Lightly coat the roast with oil...

3. Baking at 250F will not brown a roast as deeply roasting at 350F so Pan fry to brown all sides of the roast. Additional seasoning, black pepper and garlic powder is added as the roast is browned.

4. The browned roast ready for the oven.

5. Bake at 250F until a meat thermometer reads 135F to 140F.
I actually waited until 140F, but forgot my thermometer is low 3 degrees.... so I should have followed my instinct to pull the roast at 135F.

After 15 minutes, the roast was at 149F (measured 146F).
Thinly sliced before serving.

The roast turned out medium. Sliced thinly made for a nice chewable slice of beef. Seasoning was just right. Overall, good results.


Audax Artifex said...

Did you find that the salt drew out moisture from the roast. All the cooking shows here in Australia emphasise NOT to salt meat until the last moment. I noticed you salted and left it overnight – and your meat still looks juicy and medium-cooked.

Lisa said...

I'm coming over and you better roast me up one of those!! That looks perfectly cooked, juicy and delectable, John. Awesome job!!

Eat4Fun said...

Hi Audax and Lisa,

Thank you two for your kind comments.

In regards to the salt, I don't think the salt drew out any moisture. I thoroughly dried the meat before salting. After salting, the meat was kept in a plastic bag. The next day right before cooking... no moisture or juices accumulated in the bag.

Lisa... Just tell me when and I'll preheat the oven.