Saturday, May 9, 2009

May 9: Stress Relief

I've been working a lot of OT... which means a lot of staring at a computer, going to meetings, back to my desk to stare at a monitor, a note pad or a layout drawing. It's very sedentary work.

Walking the dogs is gets me out and gets the blood circulating to prevent traveller's thrombosis (aka deep vein thrombosis)... blood clots from sitting too long. :)

With all a lot of pent-up energy and some good weather, I finally tackled a 12-foot tree that died from the cold winter.

The poor Yucca just couldn't take the cold weather.

I was able to cut half the tree down. I was sure thinking of buying a chain saw as I was going at it with a hand saw.

This is going to be a long term project - a couple weeks as I fill the green bin with the remnants of the tree. Also, trying to decide if I will undercut the root ball to pull out the stump.

At least I was able to use of that pent up energy. :-)

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