Friday, September 25, 2009

Sep 25: Jalousie/Strudel

I was trying to figure out what to make in my new oven. Will it cook faster? Maintain the heat?

However, I had a party with the neighbors so by default this is the test of my oven.
Also, I needed a recipe that was quick and sort of nice looking. Reviewing previous post, I found something that was delicious and simple from June 30, 2008 - Jalousie.

For the dessert, I was using the fancy French name, Jalousie, but everybody called it a strudel. Which is true in the USA, a strudel is a fruit filled puff pastry dessert.

The recipe is very straight forward...
Pepperidge Farm puff pastry sheets, fruit, sugar and a thickener.

The only difference this time around is I made two. One using 16 oz of frozen mixed berries and the other using 16oz of frozen sliced peaches. See the link above for the full recipe...

Peaches and Mixed Berries

The first item I baked in my new oven. :-)
Snapped a quick picture and out the door I went with desserts in hand.

Both turned out nicely with berry being my favorite.


Shawn said...

Wow! Congrats on your maiden-"new-oven"-baking-voyage. Your strudel turned out beautiful. Looks like there was a ton of fruit. Did you use canned? Did you serve with whipped cream? Ice cream? Or did it go over well as is?

Lauren said...

I'm glad your new oven is working well =D. The jalousie looks (and sounds!!) delicious!

Eat4Fun said...

Thank you! The oven's maiden voyage went well. I think I'll need to get use to the way the oven heats and the timing.

I used frozen fruit (from TJ's) and bought canned whipped cream (Redi-Whip).

I think the dessert went over well... I received compliments, but as you know from watching Top Chef, it's the chefs that get the compliments that are usually told to leave. lol :-)

Thank you! I think it turned out nicely and is a straight forward thing to make.