Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jan 10, 2010: Looking for Baldy

The local news mentioned bald eagles are wintering along the Skagit River and snatching salmon out of the river.

What does that mean?

A Road trip!

General Bald Eagle Information:
Driving Directions and Map:

A very scenic drive!

That's a lot of trees!

Majestic snowcapped mountains along the route.

It ain't a mountain unless there's snow on the peaks. lol!

We stopped off in a Sedro-Woolley for breakfast at a local restaurant. Actually, I had breakfast while everyone else had lunch.

Lumber is a major industry in Washington.
When you have lumber, a chainsaw and creativity, chainsaw wood carving is the next logical step.

One angry bear!

Even the details inside this angry bear is amazing!
Glad this guy is only a carving. I forgot my bear spray!

Finally made it to Milepost 100 along Highway 20.

No eagles swooping down along the river.
They were roosting and digesting their food from earlier in the day.

My point and shoot just doesn't have the zoom, but you can see the bald head! lol!

Volunteers set up spotting scopes... I'm not sure how to set my P&S to snap pictures through a telescope, but here's what I got which looked better in person.

A fun and scenic drive.

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