Monday, September 27, 2010

Sep 27, 2010: Toe-Bee is 8!

Toe-Bee the beagle is now 8 years old! That's 51 in human years!

We had a little treat for the pups!

The par-tay crew! Woo-hoo!

Toe-Bee the Birthday pup is 8 years old [51 human years]. Wow! No wonder he's graying around the muzzle.

Brutus is 12 years old [69 human years]. He's at the age where he has selective hearing, but he still doesn't act his age.

Buster is 9 months [11 human years]. He's the young whipper-snapper amongst us old dogs. Full of energy and the propensity to chew.

Ref: Dog Age Calculator @ WebMD


Shawn said...

Quite the party dogs! I thought dogs' ages were calculated by 7 years times human years. Or is that an estimate? Scrumptious cookies! Did you make them? They are beautiful. And the dogs look like they are having a blast! Nice hats :)

Kristen said...

Toe-Bee is getting so old! It looks like a really fun party, I wish I was there to celebrate too! The cookies look really yummy, I'm sure the dogs loved them :)

Eat4Fun said...

Shawn... The 7 year calculation is just a quick estimate. Age varies based upon the size of the dog.

I did not make the cookies. I just made the money that went to buy the cookies. lol :-)

Kristen... The pups sure would have liked you here too. Do you remember when we brought him home when he was 7 weeks old?

Yes, they enjoyed the cookies. :-)

CIN&BUD said...

Our family dog is 15 years old! What does that make him? 105?

Eat4Fun said...

Cindy and Buddy,

Wow! 15! That's a senior dog which works out to mid-90's in people years.

Great job!

Arlene said...

They actually sat for the picture with hats on! And you got another dog?