Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March 4, 2015: Nagoya, Japan: Musashi - meat on a stick

Back to Nagoya, Japan, the places we've eaten at are casual places that served drinks and bar style food, knows as Izakaya, where the dishes are small and meant to be shared.

These places tend to focus on a food or a technique and keep it simple to produces delicious small dishes that go along with beer.  This is a Japanese version of Tapas.  Instead of wine, there's beer and sake, probably shochu too.

Musashi is a kushiyaki (grilled meat on skewers) establishment.  We just call it "The Meat on Sticks" place.

This place actually has an English menu.  However, whoever did the menu must have been setting up an inside joke?  It could be just phonetic, but I don't know.   
Can you spot the items I'm referring too?

The main "meat on sticks" menu.  Pretty straight forward.  Note: the eating low and high on the hog.  The Japanese are into textures as well as flavor, hence the offal on the menu.

Very common to have fresh cabbage on the menu.  The veg for the meal?  Also, Worcestershire flavored sauce is a common bottle on the table.  The cabbage offers a fresh sweet crunch as a contrast to the grilled food.

A typical setup - beer, the food on the stick and the container for the spent sticks.  Pass the food, please!

Bacon wrapped Mochi (Rice cake) with cheese.  Bacon and cheese + Grilled = Can't go wrong!


Some would say this is the best way to eat veggies, Bacon wrapped asparagus.

Grilled beef rib seasoned with salt.  Very tender beef and worth the wait. 
Grilled meats = Mmmm.  Mmmm. Good!

Grilled pigs feet.  A challenge item for some of use, but the skin was very tender and flavorful. 
Yes, worth a try.  Just don't think about what you're eating!

Chicken Giblets.  Surprisingly tender.  No funky flavors.  Another safe item for most people.

Located close to the Nagoya Marrion, but there are two or three other locations throughout Nagoya.
Now that I've mapped the place.  Maybe I can remember where Musashi's is located the next time I'm back in town.

Look for the brown sliding doors - with the small black awning. 
I don't remember going through the open door on the right.

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