Sunday, December 23, 2007

My First Post

This is my first step and first post into the world of blogging.

My chosen topic: Food!

Yes, I know that there are tons and tons of food blogs, but I like to document my experiments with recipes and thoughts of my little world of food. Hopefully, I can present some good recipes and just bring a smile or a few laughs.

My selfish reasons for blogging about food:

1. I hate writing. I'd rather work on a calculus problem than write a paragraph. However, I figure to write well I need to write, write, write about something. Since I enjoy food, I might as well write about a topic I enjoy.

2. This seems like an easy way to archive recipes, eventually with images too! I've written down recipes over the years, made photocopies or saved recipes electronically. The problem is, after many moves and a hard drive crash, I end up losing stuff. Also, Yes! I will cite the sources of any recipes I use. No plagiarism for me.

3. This is a way of saying, "Hi! How are you?" to my friends and family. Everyone is welcome to the blog, but most people won't know me from the next blog. I figure my audience will end up being people that I know. For the new to my blog, "Hi! Welcome! I hope you enjoy!"

Final thought for my first post:
I may be long-winded, but I'll try not to be pretentious and avoid words like sublime, divine, ethereal or any of those fancy meaningless words some professional foodies use to describe a meal, a dish, a bite or a taste. I feel when someone describes a dish or a meal as sublime, they're just trying to bamboozle us into thinking the mediocre meal was worth the expense.


Anonymous said...

I am looking foward to the recipes and to more pictures of the beagles.

I wonder if the beagles are more efficient then a truckload of TSA people?

Eat4Fun said...

My first comment!
Thanks for the comment.

I'm slowly figuring this blogger out. Hopefully next year I'll have less OT so I can really get into this. :-)