Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 17: Sausage Gravy in a Can !?!?

On a previous shopping trip, I found sausage gravy in a can!
Like the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot, I've heard of this mythical product, but haven't spied the can until recently.

My plan for today was to take advantage of three days of sunshine and warm weather to work on the backyard. To fuel up for the day's chores, this would be a good time to try the gravy.

Canned biscuits and sausage gravy from Campbell's.
Instructions are very simple: Heat, stirring occasionally.

The Final Dish:
Biscuits and sausage gravy with two fried eggs over easy.

The gravy has an initial taste of sausage, for a brief second, but then the saltiness overpowers taste buds. The little sausage bits have a weird squishy texture. From all of the processing?

This product would probably make a good basis for a larger casserole-type dish, like the other Campbell's "Cream of" soups. For serving on biscuits, maybe adding milk to the gravy would help cut down on the sodium.

The rest of the day...
After running errands around town, the temperature was 93F when I returned home, which is much too hot for working in the backyard.

I was able to replant a habanero plant I keep at work. After three years and many inadvertent attempts to kill it, the plant bounced back each time and did well. However, now it's pot-bound to the point where the leaves are dropping. This called for some drastic measures. Massive pruning on the top from 3 ft span down to 10" inches. Trimmed and cutout 50% of the roots.
We'll see if the plant bounces back after a drastic root and leaf pruning.

Took a look the seeds from a couple days ago... The brussels sprouts have sprouted. Wow! Germinated really quickly. No germination from the basil and sunflowers.


samsetian said...

good lord, you really don't eat this inert crap, do ya?

arteriosclerosis is in your future.

Eat4Fun said...

Lol! Thanks for the comment! That was the only time I tried the canned gravy.