Sunday, May 25, 2008

May 25: Sunday Miscellaneous

I should have finished up the gardening today - planting the Brussels sprouts and the sunflowers, but it was too hot to till and work the soil. Anything over 65F is too hot... lol. I think it was 75F outside before my outdoor remote sensor conked out.

Instead I went to the local Asian market to look at the weird foodstuff.

One thing did catch my eye... it was a bright yellow melon that looked like someone drew on with yellow highlighter. The melon was the size of a large mango.

The tag identified it as a "Korean Melon".

Being a curious eater, I purchased one.
Not knowing how to choose one... I gave a couple a light squeeze. They all felt the same - firm. The sniff test didn't yield much. I did smell a very faint sweet fragrant aroma. I just picked one that looked the "yellowest".

Brought it home and put it in the fridge. Cool fruit on a hot day sounded good.

After a few hours, I cut it in half. Small seeds with a central mass and some weird gelatinous material... like other melons.

The first bite.
The melon was crispy and firm like a cucumber. Also, juicy.
It was surprisingly sweet. It's not as sweet as an apple, but sweeter than I expected. I guess I imagined something this bright would be kind of bland.
The flavor reminded me of a honeydew melon.
The skin was a little tough to chew.

The second bite
Peeled the melon. The melon is thin skinned and peeled quite easily with a potato peeler. Although thin-skinned, the skin is a little tough.

Cold, crispy, sweet and juicy. A nice little treat on a hot day.

More info: This online seed website has a description of the Korean melon, Hybrid Golden Liner.

The container garden

The carrots with its real leaves - the feathery ones.

The beet leaves are growing. Hopefully, the beet roots are getting plump and sweet.

The beets with their real leaves.
When to harvest? I don't know.

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