Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jul 26: Southern BBQ in Seattle?

PK clipped a coupon for a new barbeque place in North Seattle that advertises itself as "A taste of the South" and "We have a wide range of true Southern dishes to make your mouth beg for more."

The slow smoked rib supper plate - four ribs and two sides.
Ribs are definitely smoked and "falling off the bone".
There's always a debate with rib aficionados about whether the meat should "fall of the bones" or the meat still should have some "bite" or firmness. Personally, as long as the food is good, I don't care.

These ribs were nice. Just slightly smokey and a light-tasting dry rub.

Two sides - cole slaw and red beans and rice.
Barbeque sauce was requested on the side. To me, the sauce tasted mainly like catsup. I'll pass on the sauce.

Chicken - 10 piece supper plate. My two sides were greens and red beans and rice.

Chicken drumettes fried in Fish Fry (Paul asked). Fish fry is mainly a mixture of corn meal and corn flour (finely ground corn meal).

Red beans and rice... Hmmm... I'm used to a different version where the red beans is more saucy and served over white rice.

Greens - with smoked meats and onions. No sugar! In the South, everyone has a way of cooking greens. Some people add sugar to their greens while others add vinegar. This one was straight forward. Greens and smoked meats.

Of course, you have to wash everything down with sweet tea.

When I lived in New Orleans and being a Yankee, sweet tea was something new to me. In fact, I remember one of my first lunches with coworkers and ordering iced tea. The tea I got was very sweet. I thought I was drinking out of someone else's cup. My coworkers set me straight about the sweet tea. In fact, it was difficult to find places that served unsweetened iced tea.

This version of sweet tea was actually only slightly sweet. Toned down for the Yankee locals?

Overall, I thought the food decent but toned down just like the sweet tea. For example, the greens weren't bad, but the liquor was on the plain side. Red beans and rice did not have the flavor of smoked ham that I was expecting.

I would go there again to sample more of their food.*

*Note: A couple reasons why I don't review restaurants.

1. I usually don't have a camera to take pictures.

2. I seem to focus on the misses which would lead someone to think I hate the place.


Anonymous said...

What is the name of the place? What is a review without a name?

Eat4Fun said...

Here's the name of the place...

Casper's A Taste of the South
15030 Bothell Way NE
Lake Forest Park, WA 98155

Anonymous said...

When did you come into the restaraunt? I know things have definetly been spiced up and sweetened to the southern taste...I love Caspers and the BBQ sauce definetly has no catsup flavor from what I tasted. I am a regular and will keep comin back!

Eat4Fun said...

Anon... I went for lunch that day - Jul 26. I'm glad to hear that they've kicked it up... instead of toning down to suit the locals.