Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jul 27: Ballard Seafood Fest

Ballard is the Scandinavian neighborhood located in North Seattle.

The early Scandinavians worked lumber and fishing. Due to Ballard's location to the water, fishing was the local industry and Salmon was king.

This is the one that got away.

The Seafood Fest is a celebration of Ballard's history and we are here to celebrate by eating.
A not so subliminal subliminal message.

The traditional smoked salmon of the festival.
Alderwood logs are started in a sand "pit" and metal cookers/smokers are over the burning logs.

The smoked salmon meal - smoked salmon, cole slaw and garlic bread.
Salmon is tasty with a heavy smoke. S thought the smoke took away from the taste of the salmon. Coleslaw is rich and creamy. A good slaw. The garlic bread has a lot of garlic flavor. Those Norwegians aren't afraid of using garlic... lol.

Each of the food booths must have at least one seafood option.
This is a salmon patty from the fish processor, Trident.

Typical patty... nothing special.

A crab melt over a croissant. Good, but the cheese and salsa seems too strong for the crab.

For the non-seafood eaters, a glorious image of some bbq meat.

Here in Seattle, a green city, trash is separated from the recycles. For the fest, automatic trash compactor were set out for the crowds.


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Hi! I think your "EAT" photo would be a great photo for this blog!

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I've been thinking of a way to incorporate it into my blog as a header image. :-)