Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jan 18: Fried Plantain

I've seen plantains in the supermarket, but never really knew how to tackle these overgrown bananas. I know green plantains are used like a potato in Latin/Caribbean cuisine and African cuisine.

A popular preparation is tostones which is twice cooked. Fried, flattened and fried again.

I sliced the plantain into 1/2" rounds. Sampling a piece, the flavor is reminiscent of the sweet "Cavendish" banana, but there is an starchy raw potato grittiness to the taste.

Pan-fried in 1/4" of oil... about 1/4 C of oil. Fry about 3 to 5 minutes per side.

After the first frying and ready for the flattening.

Use a spatula and press down.

A flattened slice of plantain.

Fried again to crisp up the flat pieces. I used the residual oil instead of adding more.

Finished and served with some chicken Mole and brown rice.
Mole is a Mexican version of curry... where seeds, spices, chocolate and chiles are used to make the sauce. Also, like curry, families and regions have their own version of this sauce.

Well... I cheated and used a premade canned preparation... Just add water or broth. I had broth from poaching the chicken.

Surprisingly, there was a little heat to the Mole sauce. The fried plantains provided a sweet balance to the Mole. My tostones may not be nicely crisp as I've had in restaurants, but they're weren't bad and easy to prepare.


Par said...

I like to dip them in garlic oil sometimes :P

Eat4Fun said...

The garlic oil sounds good. I give it a try next time.

Anonymous said...

I have always wondered what this would taste like and yours look number one - the idea of twice frying sounds like a heart attack on a plate but we all need to treat once in a while. Hope the trip went well and you are ready for the New Year. Yours Audax

Eat4Fun said...

Audax, my trip went well... I enjoyed seeing my loved ones, getting away from the snow and 20 to 30F temperatures. Ready for the New Year? I think so... it kind of snuck up on my last year.