Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feb 22: Sunday Morning Beignet

Beignets (pronounced bein-yay... NOT "big-nets" as use Yankees would say. lol). In New Orleans, beignets are square pillows of deep fried dough, covered with powdered sugar...

When I relocated to New Orleans, the company had a list of relocation experts who were real estate agents. The relocation/real estate agent was kind enough to show me around the different portions of the metropolitan area. Their goal was to up the sale by encouraging me to buy. lol.

One of the first places she brought me was Cafe Du Monde. Cafe Du Monde is famous for it's beignets and cafe au lait (coffee and milk). The coffee is unique with the addition of chicory. Chicory was originally used as an extender, but also adds a little bitterness to coffee.

Okay... This is an easy no-fuss version of beignets. A group of us from work experimented with making beignets from refrigerated biscuits and found the results to be acceptable.

1. Refrigator biscuits. Shown are the small size, but Grands work even better.

2. Deep Fry 350F about 2 minutes per side.

3. Ready to eat... Coffee and Beignets covered with powdered sugar.

4. Yum!

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