Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nov 11: Toot Toot Hey Beet Beet!

A poor rendition of Donna Summer's song "Bad Girl"?

No! It's just me cooking beets two ways!

Beets from the farmer's market.

Method 1: Sauteed Grated Beets
1 C Beets, Raw and shredded
1/2 T Butter
2 Cloves Garlic, grated
1/4 C Water
Salt and Pepper to taste
Red wine vinegar to finish and a little Oregano

Grated two beets... about 1 C. Fortunately the beet juice washed out of my hand.

S and I bought this plate at a craft and food show... the plate grates the garlic into a fine paste.

Browned the butter... used about 1/2 to 1 Tablespoon of butter.
Added the garlic and sauteed really quickly before adding the beets.

1/4 C water, salt and pepper... Cover and steam for about 10 to 15 minutes.

The cooked beets - plated and given a splash of olive oil, red wine vinegar and a little oregano.

Wow! The brown butter added a nice buttery flavor to the beets. The garlic also added to the flavor of the dish without overpowering the flavor of the beets. This turned out to be a nice hearty side dish.

Method 2: Steamed Beets

Wash the beets and trim off the leaves. However, leave about 1" of the stalk (stems?) and leave the root intact. This will reduce the red color leaching out of the beet.

Steam about 35 to 45 minutes... until fork tender.

When cool, peeling the beets is easy... Just rub with a paper towel and the skin slides off.

Cooked beets ready for use. I'll probably slice and add to a salad. Nice and simple.


Anonymous said...

John; beetroots are used a lot in Australia even in hamburgers (it is standard) and yours look yummmmmmy. I make a (very well-received) beetroot and chocolate cake that is very moist and has a great earthy taste – root veges make a great addition to cakes. Nice photos as usual.

Eat4Fun said...

Audax... beets in chocolate cakes and hamburgers? No, beets aren't that well received in the US. Beets are mainly seen at salad bars.

Anonymous said...

I have never grated beets before. This looks like a neat idea. Although, I absolutely hate grating, but, that is what husbands are for, right?

Eat4Fun said...

Lynn... grating is fun! :-)