Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nov 15: Seattle Deli Location #2

I was reading Nancy Leson's Blog: All You Can Eat where she mentioned a second location for a Vietnamese Deli, Seattle Deli.

Nancy Leson was the restaurant critic for the Seattle Times where she reviewed restaurants incognito. She came out of the shadows to write about food, but gave up the restaurant critic position.

I was in the area of the new location so I stopped by to try out the food.

My purchases... starting with the sandwich and going clockwise.
Bahn mi Dac Biet (sandwich special)
Styrofoam plate of rice noodles and dumplings
Pork-filled puff pastry
Hom Bao (Savory bun)

Sandwich special - is usually a Vietnamese cold cut sandwich with three types of cold cuts.
Chicken loaf, Vietnamese style ham and headcheese.
Instead of mayo, this sandwich had butter, Maggi (?) and pate.
Dressed with pickled carrots, daikon, cucumbers, cilantro and sliced jalapenos.

The puff pastry filled with a pork meatball. The item was identified as Pate Choux. Is this correct? I don't know.

Hom Bao... filled with pork, Chinese sausage and hard boiled egg.

Rice flour noodles and dumplings with a diluted fish sauce dipping sauce.


Anonymous said...

Looks like puff pastry to me, I can see all the layers separating in the casing. Looks exactly like the food in Sydney's Vietnamese restaurants. It is hard for a critic to do the walk instead of the talk.

Eat4Fun said...

I agree... that's a puff pastry item. After making all of those eclairs for the DB Challenge, pate a choux is etched in my mind. lol!

Anonymous said...

Lemonade Scones use unopened lemonade that hasn't gone flat i.e. still fizzy.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures - what did you think of the taste? Familiar? Interesting? Fantastic!? Surprising? Will you be going again?

Eat4Fun said...

Hi Shawn!

The sandwich wasn't bad. As with all the food, I should have put the sandwich and the puff pastry under the broiler to crips up the bread.

The filling for the sandwich was sort of like the carl buddig lunch meat, but I like the vinegared carrots, cucumber and daikon... Makes the sandwich refrshing.

The filling for the puff pastry and the savory bun were similar. Tasted like potsticker filling - pork, green onion and a little garlic.

The plate of dumplings had varied textures... some mushy and sticky and others were a little firm. It was my least favorite item.