Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nov 27: Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, we gather with our family and friends to celebrate and count our blessings.

The celebration involves food!

A traditional Turkey - a 24 pounder!

Dressing. Two types this year - corn bread and bread (crouton).
Crouton stuffing shown below.

Sweet Potatoes with a mini-marshmallow topping.

A refrigerated/layered salad.

The rest of the plate: Starting at the top going clockwise
Collard greens, dressing, Waldorf salad, glazed carrots, layered salad, turkey, mashed potatoes, buttered dinner roll and sweet potatoes (in the center.)

Dessert: pecan pie and pumpkin pie.
The pecan pie was tasty, but the golden syrup didn't stand out. The problem with some recipes is there is a layer of sweet "custard" with only a single layer of pecans floating on top. This pie was chock full of nuts which makes it stand out.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

What a spread I have never seen food such as mini-marshmallow topping over sweet potatoes. The bird looks so professional you must be proud. Great work. Thanks for the comments on my caramel lamingtons. Looking 4ward to your caramel cake post. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all you kin. Audax

Eat4Fun said...

Marshmallow topped sweet potatoes is a common dish here in the US... If it weren't for sweet potatoes, breakfast cereal and hot chocolate, I'm not sure if mini-marshmallows would even be marketable. lol!

Yes, cousin M did a great job on the turkey!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so delicious! And plentiful!! Hope you wore your expandable pants! lol

Eat4Fun said...

Shawn... expandable pants. Of course, I have many years of experience splurging during T-day dinner. :-)