Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 10, 2015: Nagoya, Japan - Yamachan

Due to added responsibilities at work, I've been slacking off on my blog for a couple years.

On the upside, I've been fortunate enough to travel to Nagoya, Japan.

Bright Lights! Big City!

Strange and exotic food?

From what I've learned, different regions in Japan have their local food specialties. In Nagoya, chicken and miso are the local specialties foods.

Imagine eating locally sourced foods in the U.S.  The buzzword "locally sourced"  usually means the restaurant is hip and trendy, often charging a premium for dishes that usually focus around beets, but that's a rant for another post.

One of the first places we've dined at was a local chicken wing chain named, "Yamachan". They are famous for their Tebasaki Chicken wings.

These deceptively simple looking chicken wings are not sauced and are not battered nor floured before frying. Yet, the wings are crispy. The main flavor that hits you is salt and pepper (mainly white pepper?) with a very faint hint of sugar.  No heavy dose of garlic, soy or teriyaki sauce.  Just chicken, salt and pepper.

Simple yet addicting.

The instructions on the back of the chopstick pouch imply you only eat the second joint.  I do find the wing tip has an irresistible layer of crispy, salty skin bits.

Red Miso covered MM skewers.  (MM = Mystery Meat which was chicken.) What surprised me was how sweet the miso was.  I was expecting a salty coating, like the miso used in soup, but the coating was sweet and molasses tasting.

Kimchi fried rice is a nice side dish. Slightly tart from the fermented kimchi and peppy from the red pepper. The kimchi is rather mild compared to well aged Korean kimchi.

The logo is a dude in a chicken suit flashing a peace sign.

There are many locations throughout Nagoya.  This one is across the street from the Hilton.

Store front

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