Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015: Kagamigahara, Japan - Ru Ri Iro

Ru Ri Iro is a Japanese restaurant that serves combination lunches.  Here in Japan , the combo meals are often called, "Sets". 

A typical Set - Rice, miso soup, pickled veggie, a side dish and the entree.

This entree consisted of two perfectly fried shrimp (cruncy and not greasy) and a croquette.  I don't remember if it was potato or a seafood/crab croquette, but I would guess potato.  A little side salad and tartar sauce.

Another day another special Set.
Rice and miso soup again, side dish of squash and a little pickled veg.  Again two perfectly fried shrimp and a maguro (tuna) burger patty.  Surprisingly, the patty tasted beefy with a very slight tuna finish.  However, I would have guessed it was a beef patty if I didn't hear the description, "maguro hambugro".  The only two words that made sense to me in the whole ordering process.  All my years of eating in Japanese-American restaurants finally paid off.  lol.
The custard dish is Chawanmushi - a savory egg custard dish.

I don't know if this is part of the meal or the owner was being nice to our group, but our meal came with green tea ice cream topped with a little sweetened red beans, but it was a nice way to finish the meal.
Nap, Nap Time. 

Ru Ri Iro - location shown on the map below.  From a coworker, at night this place becomes a Izakayu.  A bar that serves small dishes.

A picture worth a bunch of words.  How it looks from the outside.  Note the distinctive wooden triangular sign.

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