Friday, August 15, 2008

Aug 15: K's Seattle Birthday Celebration

Summer vacation in Seattle is coming to an end for K. So S planned an early birthday celebration for her. The itinerary was a surprise. I just called the day her "Seattle Birthday".

When K arrived in Seattle she wanted to go to the zoo. Well... we finally made it.

The sky was clear, but the temperature was in the high 80's.
Ack! Very Hot! I'm melting! :-)

The animals were off lounging in shady places since we didn't see that many moving around.

Did this zoo even have animals?

We did see two elephants. An African elephant (large ears) pacing back and forth while the other elephant, an Asian elephant (smaller ears) just stood in the corner rocking and grooving to some imaginary beat.

The giraffes weren't hard to miss. Always cute.

The sign at the zoo entrance stated, "The Flamingos are here".
Well... Here are the Flamingos!
Trivia: Flamingos are pink to orange due to their diet of brine shrimp.
Hey! I did learn something at the zoo after all. :-)

After the park, the next stop was a surprise... of course. :-)

We drove down to Seattle Center passing the Ducks.
K's guess was "Are we riding the Ducks?"
Our answer... "Maybe."

The Duck is an amphibious transport that's now used to tour bus/boat taking people (tourist) around various sights in Seattle on land and in the water. Ride the Ducks

Alas, The Ducks were not on the agenda for today.
Which is good, K was getting hungry and we were trying to stall here.
Instead, we went to lunch at the Skycity restaurant atop the Space Needle.

Skycity is a revolving restaurant, making 1 revolution every 47 minutes, which offers a 360 degree view. It's just below the observation deck about 500 ft above the ground.

For lunch, K ordered Salmon. Oh... ahh! Looks good!

S ordered the Skycity burger. Yum! Bacon!

I ordered the Prime Rib.

The meals was delicious and the view grand!

Another surprise!

For dessert we pre-ordered the Lunar Orbiter which is an ice cream sundae set on dry ice. The dry ice creates fog and smoke trail that follows the server to our table. Eerie! lol!

The weather was clear so we had a great view from the restaurant, a fun time and good food.
I believe S and I surprised K... at least she acted surprised. lol.
Overall, we had a great day. I know I did. :-)

Happy Birthday K!

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