Saturday, August 30, 2008

Aug 30: KFC ?

I was reading Nancy Leson's Blog, All You Can Eat, when I came across an entry about fried chicken. Nancy Leson is a Seattle Times food writer and a former restaurant critic.

What caught my eye was about this place was the location, in a Korean Supermarket's food court. Hmm... Korean Fried Chicken! What's that all about? How does it taste?
Being a fried chicken fanatic, I had to go find out.

The place is called Chicky Pub.

When I arrived at the chicken place, ordering was straight forward, except the menu was mostly in Korean. There was an English title for the dish and a picture board. I ordered a #3 Fried Chicken. I passed on the sauce coated chicken to just try the basic fried.

Looking at the website, seen below, doesn't help. It's written in Korean too. :-)

My order came with two condiments - pickled diakon radish cubes and a sweet mustard sauce.
I passed on both sauces. Although the radish had an okay flavor (sweet and faintly vinegary), raw diakon radish has a funky smell which puts me off. The mustard sauce was a bit on the sweet side. I'm not a fan of sweet mustard. Hard to imagine there's something I don't like in regards to food. :P

The eight piece order.

The chicken had a nice light, crispy coating which held up to the drive home. No 7 herbs and spices, but the chicken had a satisfying savory taste and a little spicy kick that surprised me. Not bad.

The eight pieces were a hodgepodge of sizes. I'm guessing they cut the chicken on-sight with an inexperienced prep cook. The sizes weren't consistent, especially the breast pieces - one breast half and the other breast half was cut into thirds.

Overall, I did enjoy the crispy, crunchy coating and the slightly spicy kick. According to the website, the fried chicken is "flavor Cajun style" which explains the spicy kick. Ah, that makes sense.

The Korean fried chicken wasn't bad. I do miss the sides that you get from that Kentucky place. I forget the name. Hmmm.... lol :-)

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