Friday, August 22, 2008

Aug 22: Fire in the Sky keeps on Burning

A very strange sunrise this morning - red and a beam of light from the sun. In fact the sun is just under the horizon, but the clouds are beaming the light up. A bat signal?

It's pretty cool.

PS... I'm terrible at lyrics. I was thinking of a Journey song and thought the lyrics were "Fire in the sky keeps on burning", but the actual lyrics are "Wheels in the sky keep on turning." Who's heard of a wheel in the sky? Well besides Ezekiel, of course. :)

However, I think my lyrics are better at least in this case. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Years ago I heard this song on the radio. This morning it came back to my mind. So, what to do? I typed in Yahoo engine "in the sky keeps on burning"; I wasn't that sure about "fire"... The result? I was addressed to your page... Ahahah you are not the only one on this hearth to sing "The fire in the sky keeps on burning..."