Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oct 02: Quick Healthy Meal

Work has been hectic with test running late on the weekdays and, on the weekends, starting early in the A.M. Also, being stuck in a lab with sick people, spreading their germs, didn't help either.

I feel like I just finished taking finals back in the ye' ole college days. You know staying up late cramming for finals and the stress of taking the final. The past few days my body has been trying to fight off a cold - nasal congestion, sore throat and general blah-blah feeling.

Today, I decided to eat something simple and healthy.
Red bell pepper - has more vitamin C ounce for ounce than an orange.
Carrots - beta carotene
Celery - fiber
Tomato - lycopene (which I think has been discredited)
Whole wheat organic bread, Tuna and mixed bag of baby lettuce.
Washed down with 1 C of Trader Joe's Kefir - contains 10 Probiotic bacteria (I'm assuming the kefir still contains live, active cultures.)

I think I covered all of the colorful food groups. :-)

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