Friday, October 31, 2008

Oct 31: Happy Halloween 2008

In the USA, a Halloween tradition is children, wearing costumes, going house to house asking for candy by saying, "Trick or Treat"... Which really means, "Give us candy or we will smash your pumpkins or egg your house!" LOL!

Last year, I seem to remember about 70 children. I hadn't planned on that many so I ran out of candy. I searched the pantry and found individually wrapped packages of microwave popcorn (from my favorite place Costco). Some of the kids actually preferred the popcorn over the candy.

This year we stocked up and we're ready for the little monsters.
A Wal-Mart deal was found on full size candy bars (3 for $1) so we have 81 bars.

Today was mostly rainy. Fortunately, the weather cleared up a little towards the evening.

However, the evening turned out slower than expected.
Cold weather with the threat of rain and the merchants downtown were holding an event that reduced the number of Trick or Treaters.

The numbers this year worked out to 65 Trick or Treaters, 7 bottles of water and a handful of tissues to a cute little monster with a very runny nose.

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