Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jun 01, 2010: Dragon Fruit

The strange and funky stuff that can be seen at Asian markets.

A couple years ago, I spotted this type of fruit at the local Asian supermarket. I didn't buy it at that time and figured I'd pick it up the next time around. I went back the following week and didn't see anymore.

Two years later... I finally found it again!

It is called "Pitaya" or "Dragon Fruit"

Funky egg looking thing is the fruit from a cactus that's about the size of my paring knife or a baseball.

Cutting into it... there's a thick rind with a whitish/grayish flesh speckled with black seeds.

The fruit scoops out easily.

The texture is similar to kiwi - smooth and crunchy with seeds. The flavor was kind of bland, slightly sweet, which reminded me of an unripe watermelon.

Apparently, the seeds are viable so I'll save a few to dry for planting. The weather is probably too cold, but it would be interesting to see the seeds do grow.

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עינת said...

The flavor is kind of bland but it's nice in a fruit salad because it adds an interesting texture. it should be eaten cold and not in a room temp' (when its vary cold itws like a Sorbet).