Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sep 16: New Watch ???

The boys were so concerned with my wrist watch tan that they left me a new watch when I got home from work.

Watch with an invisible band?

No more unsightly tan lines around the wrist! (It's a vanity thing... Not to be confused with Vanity 6.)

The reality...
Owning hounds dogs can be a challenge. They're able to sniff stuff out with ease.
I left for work this morning, but couldn't find my watch.
I guess one of the boys found it for me and wanted to let me know. lol!

Can you guess which one left me a new watch?
Click on one of the dog's image to find out. :-)

DDD - A fence climber, counter jumper, cat food stealer and George Foreman breaker

DD - Money-eater, carpet ripper, cat food stealer when low to the ground.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Oh my goodness! I can't believe those beautiful pups did such a thing! Are you absolutely sure you didn't chew off your watch in the middle of the night after a bad turkey jerky dream? How can you be sure? What proof do you have! They look too sweet and adoring... The look like such good dogs!

Eat4Fun said...

lol! I know it wasn't me for, one, I don't like turkey jerky and more importantly, two, without being too graphic, think of a Play-Doh Fun Factory and you'll know what I mean. :-) lol