Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dec 09: Early Christmas Present ???

Ode to Another Appliance
Warm and pleasant...
Relaxing and soothing...
Waking me up from a night of cold slumber...
The shower so pleasing with warm water that's easing
Easing myself into the day...
What's that I hear?
A drip, drip, dripping...

I splurged and bought my house an early present. :-)

A brand new water heater! Woo Hoo! Partay!

For the past couple months, there's been a slow leak that I've had to keep my eye on. I finally got fed up and splurged!

The offending water heater with a tank with 10 year warranty.
Looking on the manufacturer's tag, the water heater was built in Aug 1998.
I bet some water heater designer is proud that the tank lasted 10 plus a little extra.
A little extra beyond the warranty.

With the new tank, the installer added new hardware. The expansion tank (the keg looking thing) is needed since our houses have a check valve (a one way valve) that prevents water from going back into the main line.

The new tank installed with earthquake straps and the drain pan is now plumbed to the outside.
Where's the thermostat controller? I want hot water to be set on scald! Apparently, the thermostat is factory set to 120F. What 120F? I've lived in hotter climates (125F to 130F) during the summer. I guess I'll have to get used to the new settings. On the plus side, it's a larger tank so I can take even longer showers before the lukewarm water runs out! lol!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new "baby."

Cannot believe you lived in hotter climates than 125F? Wow! Now that's what I call CALIENTE!!

Now that you have hotter water to help you wake up in the AM, does that mean you'll be getting to work on time? :P


Eat4Fun said...

Thank you! Phoenix was hot, especially during the summer where peak temperatures were crazy!

I'm on time to work every day! I just may not show up at the same time... :P

Anonymous said...

To Shawn Scotch eggs are shelled hard-boiled eggs covered in meatloaf mixture and pan-fried (or deep-fired).

To John only 120F yes in Australia many places are hotter than that nearly everyday but then you would be having a cooling shower and not a hot one (LOL).

Yes lots of equipment is designed to break down a short while after the end-date of the warrranty.

Hope you have many years of good use from the new hot water machine.