Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dec 25: Merry Christmas!

Christmas has many connotations. Some people view it as a religious event and a time to reaffirm their faith. I view it as a time for family and it's about the children. I'm fortunate to share my Christmas holiday with three families!

Dinner was rather straight forward...


Poached Chicken, Roasted Pork and Tofu with a mushroom sauce (actually canned cream of mushroom soup)

Cauliflower with mushroom and canned cream of mushroom soup... I think my dad had a theme going with the cream of mushroom soup. lol! It must have been on-sale at the local supermarket.

As I mentioned, it's all about the children. My nephew, CT, who just turned 1.
He's at the age were fancy electronic toys are amusing, but there's nothing better than two plastic balls he can smack together. It was funny to see his eyes light up when he saw the balls.
Good times!

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