Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dec 17: Playing in the Snow

A couple snapshots of the 6 year old pup playing in the snow.

Somehow he knew his squeak toy was buried in the snow at that very spot. Who said that animals don't remember beyond 1 minute.

Eating snow... quite funny to see him snapping at snowflakes. Maybe his tongue froze up for a second.

The old dude (a 10 year old dog) stayed in the doorway nice and dry... apprehensive about that cold stuff. I bet if he could speak... he'd be complaining about bursitis and his trick knee. You young whipper-snapper.


Anonymous said...

The dog looks like he is enjoying the white stuff. I don't have much experience with snow coming from Australia but it could be fun the first time you see it I bet. O I got a photo "brined roast chicken" onto tastespotting after about a dozen or so no's. Happy Christmas and New Year to you and your kin. Audax

Jo said...

I'm sure if we had snow here in Singapore, my younger doggie would also be snapping at the snowflakes. Have a happy new year.