Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dec 31: Heading back North

Time to head back to Washington. I'm trying to time the travel so we're in between storms.

Despite my planning... I think I got food poisoning. Fever, nausea, malaise, loss of appetite... and more.

The upside: S is driving up with me, but looks like she's going to get stuck with all the driving.

Besides myself, the pups were happy too!

Being in California, I saw this strange glowing orb in the sky that turned the sky blue. The orb was warming, but hurts my eyes when I look around.

Also, when I go walk, there's this dark shape that follows me around. I think I heard people call it a shade-oh... or is that shadow. I forget what that is. :-)

A picturesque tree lined street where I walk the pups. It's a chance for me to hide from that glowing orb that hurts my eyes.

Mt Shasta with a height of 4,322 m (14,179 ft). There's something magical about seeing a snow capped mountain from the freeway.

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