Sunday, March 9, 2008

Breakfast Sandwich

When we eat out for breakfast, I generally order biscuits and gravy. My goal is to find a place with good Southern biscuits and flavorful sausage gravy. We've found some places with good biscuits and gravy, but not an outstanding "I gotta go there every week" type place.

My theory is that you need start out with good sausage. However, there's not much to choose from locally. The typical brand, Jimmy Dean, to me is kind of bland. This after many attempts to make a flavorful sausage gravy. Bacon gravy I can do. Sausage gravy has been more elusive.

I found another brand (Independent Meat Co. - Mild) while shopping so I decided to try it out. Rather than going through the effort of making biscuits and gravy, I decided to make a sandwich so I can taste the sausage first.

The fixins:
Toasted, buttered Ciabatta bread
Shredded Cheddar
Scrambled eggs
Sausage Patty
A little mustard and mayonnaise

Assembled and Cut

The sausage had a weak sausage taste.
My search continues.
I did find another brand, Farmland. Farmland is a national brand so I have high hopes about the next package.

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