Sunday, March 2, 2008

Vacation - Comic Convention

While visiting my family, that weekend was the Comic Convention.

The comic convention is a draw for comic collecting enthusiast, artists (professionals and those wanting to get into the business), sci-fi fans, animation and people watchers.

Many of the movie studios will send their stars as part of a publicity junket.
For example, Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway and Peter Segal (director) were there for the new "Get Smart" movie. Steve Carell was very funny. He's very good at ad-libbing.

Also, special scenes are shown to the fans and depending upon the budget of the movie, free movie passes are handed out for a sneak preview of the movie.

Personally, we mainly went to see Sergio Aragones, Sergio Aragones. I remember seeing his material in MAD Magazine. He's a very humble man and a great story teller.

The convention floor before opening to the general public.

There are people that definitely get into the whole scene by dressing up or showing off their homemade "toys".

Cobra Soldiers (from GI Joe)

Starwar's Storm Trooper

Starwar's R2 Droids - Radio controlled

Loki and Sigyn (I'm not 100% sure, but that's who they look like to me)

Wolverine vs. Mario

WonderCon was fun and a decent sized convention.

However, the largest comic book convention is in San Diego, known as Comic-Con. This is the premiere convention where people from around the nation/world attend. It's amazing how many dress in costumes. Also, the Movies studios really spare no expense with the publicity, special screenings and the give-aways. A truly amazing event.

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