Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Vacation - Caravaning Quartet

Heading home!

S is going with me, which is great! I'm kind of tired being in the car talking to the pups. They just look at me with their head tilted with wide eyes. That makes four.

Our quartet: Two humans and two pups.
Also, can a caravan be one car?

Another plus, I can take pictures while I'm in the passenger seat. :-)

I've always been fascinated with the San Andreas Fault.
Maybe growing up in California we always have earthquakes in the back of our minds. San Andreas Fault Information

Also, I remember an epispde of The Six Million Dollar Man - The Secret of Bigfoot where the San Medrian Fault (actually, file footage of the San Andreas Fault) hid an alien colony where Bigfoot was a robot used to scare away the curious. This is also the episode where Steve Austin goes down the rotating ice tunnel and is mesmerized into unconsciousness. The Secret of Bigfoot

Image Ref: http://pubs.usgs.gov/gip/earthq3/where.html

To me it's amazing that these picturesque rolling hills (are a result of the fault pushing the land together forming the Temblor Range.

I took this picture of Crystal Lake to try to catch the fog rolling over the top of the hill/mountains. I didn't dawn on me that the body of water is a result of a the fault creating a sag pond. Also, upstream there is now a dam.

After these many miles of driving even the pups were tuckered out.

S took this picture while it was my turn to drive. :-)

A long drive, but a very relaxing vacation.

I met and held my nephew, hung out with loved one's and didn't have to worry about work! lol

Total miles driven: A bit over 3,100 miles in 10 days.


Anonymous said...

A whole lot of miles ='s a whole lot of gas! Hope you didn't go broke getting from here to there. :)

How were the prices going and coming from state to state? Was there a vast difference? Or pretty much around the same price?

Eat4Fun said...

When I left, gas was $3.15 per gallon. Oregon was about the same, but California was about $15 to 20 cents higher. However, within that time frame, the general price of gas also increased by another 15 cents.

Lesson learned from the trip: Costco is probably the best place to get gas.