Monday, March 24, 2008

Playing with Puff Pastry 2

I had a partial sheet of puff pastry dough leftover from my Beef Wellington dinner. The leftover bits of puff pastry dough measured roughly 3 inch x 9 inch, plus a 2" x 9 inch trim piece.

I made butterfly cookies which are also known as palmier cookies.

Butterfly cookies were popular when I was younger when we'd go to Chinatown. A local bakery sold these treats that were easily the size of a saucer. The cookies were flaky, crispy, slightly sweet and had a light glaze.

The leftover bits are too small to make gigantic saucer-size treats, but large enough for a small palm-size cookies.

The method:
1. Lay the flat sheets on the counter, sprinkle sugar on both sides, as if you were making cinnamon toast. In fact, I sprinkled some cinnamon sugar on the "inside".

2. Roll the sheets forming a roll or roll from both ends so the spiral meets in the middle.

3. Cut the spirals to about a 1/4" thickness.

4. I used parchment paper so the the cookies wouldn't stick. Would they stick without parchment paper? I'm not sure.

5. Bake 425F for about 12 minutes. I checked at 10 minutes and let the cookies bake until golden brown.

Close-up: Before baking

Close-up: After baking (same cookie) :-)

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