Thursday, April 10, 2008

Apr 10 - Unique Ramen

Awhile back I was at an Asian market, I was amazed at the variety of ramen noodles - different flavors, manufacturers, packaging colors and from different countries.

This is only 2/3rds of the aisle of noodles. There's more!

For ramen, I'm familiar with chicken, beef, pork and oriental flavors. For the noodles in a cup, there's also a shrimp flavor. For my purchase I wanted to try something different.

I found a Kimchi flavored ramen from Korea. Kimchi is fermented Nappa cabbage that is usually a little tart, savory from the salt used to kick-off the fermentation process and fiery from the red chili powder.

Noodles look typical.

Cooking was simple. Bring 2.25 cups water to boil. Add the seasoning pack and noodles. Simmer 4 minutes.

The finished noodles, unadorned so I can get the flavor of the ramen without additions.

The ramen was actually quite tasty. The noodles seemed to be just a little thicker than my typical brand. This gave the noodles a little more texture and firmness which I liked. Better than the mushy regular stuff.

The flavor was slightly oniony and the red peppers added a nice little punch. Fortunately, there was no tartness like real kimchi. I think that would have made for a very weird bowl of noodles if the taste was exactly like kimchi.

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