Thursday, April 3, 2008

Apr 3 - Spring Flowers

After a few days of snow followed by rain, the sun made it's appearance for a couple days. Just enough for more tulips to bloom.

The blooms seemed to open up, reaching out to absorb he rays from our yellow sun.

What's so fascinating about the tulips is that these bulbs have been very hearty. I leave them in the ground and they have been coming back in spring. Each year has been a different color. This year is a vibrant, bright yellow.

Another fascinating points is the tulips open up. To absorb heat? By evening the tulips close back to a tight bundle.

Absorbing the rays and taking a breath of fresh air.

Wow! So yellow!

Solar collectors deployed... lol! I'm a geek!

PS... I think we got our quota of sunshine this month. :-)


Anonymous said...

I knew it wasn't a myth... sun really does shine there in Washington! Thanks for finally cracking the riddle! Enjoy your beautiful flowers.

Eat4Fun said...

Yes, we do get some sunshine, only 10 days a year. I'm afraid we used 2 of those 10 days in April. Looks like summers going to be colder than normal... :-D