Friday, April 18, 2008

Apr 18 - A bad case of dandruff?

Is this a horrible case of dandruff or what?

Fortunately, not this time.

It's April 18th in the Spring and it's snowing!
What's going on here?
I thought we were actually going to get more than 5 days of sunshine for April.

Looks like my carrots and beets are going to be coming in later than expected. I'm sure the snow has put the seeds in hibernation mode. Also, I'll probably have to resow the seeds, but now it's just wait and see. I should start some indoors, but I was hoping to just "set it and forget it" outside.

The tulips are taking a beating... not to be confused with a beeting. However, tulips bloom and die back which is part of the natural cycle.

Even the rosemary is feeling the chill.

Update: Al Pastor
As I cooked the Al Pastor pork over a few days, I noticed that the flavor was definitely sweeter than the first day. If I'm making al pastor on short notice, to be cooked that day, I'll probably use pineapple juice, but if I'm going to let the pork marinade the tamarind juice wasn't bad. Also, I'll use less marinade so the pork has a lighter coating instead of swimming in the sauce.


Anonymous said...

Dandruff!?! You crack me up!

I love the snow!

Eat4Fun said...

Snow is fun, but I'm ready for some sun. :-)