Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Apr 23: Dang Expensive Dog Treats

I have two dang mischievous dogs. The one thing about having dogs, especially dogs with sensitive noses, is you need to put stuff up. Many parents know this as "baby-proofing".

They do have names, but today they're known as D.D. and D.D.D.

The younger dog on the left is called, "D.D." for Dang Dog.
The older dog on the right is called , "D.D.D." for Dang Dirty Dog.

Imagine my surprise when I found some chewed up cash upon returning home from work.

A chewed up $1 - almost half devoured.

A $5 with pieces missing.

Finally, a $20 with a couple corners gone.

Doing the math... A bill weighs about 0.9 grams where 1 gram = 0.0022 lbs
$1/0.9/0.0022 = $505 per pound
$5/0.09/0.0022 = $2,525 per pound
$20/0.9/0.0022 = $10,100 per pound
Total = $13,130 per pound

That's some dang expensive dog treats.

I know D.D. chewed the cash. He's done that in the past.
D.D.D. is more interested in trash cans. Hence, the extra D in his name. :-)
Of course, it was my bad for leaving the bills out, but dang it.

On the upside, at least DD knew to chew up the less expensive bills first. He barely touched the $20. Also, I can probably exchange the cash at the bank for the full value.

Dang dogs! lol :-D

I also have a D.C.

Dang Cat... didn't do anything, but I believe in sharing the dang love.


Anonymous said...

Dang! So sorry to hear about the missing money caper.

You know, hmmm... I could have sworn when I taught them to seek, I left out the words "and destroy!"

Good to see you still have your sense of humor. Broke! But, at least you can still laugh.

Beagles! Gotta love em!

Anonymous said...

I think the cat ate the bills. I think she is just blaming the dogs. Looking at the picture of the cat, she is trying to look all cute and innocent.

Eat4Fun said...

Since these are my first dogs, I believe the "destroy" comes encoded in their DNA. Next time we need to teach them "Seek and Not Destroy"

Yep, I still love those Beagles. :)

I still hoping that they'll get a movie part in Cats and Dogs 2 or Shiloh 6: The Returning Home Again Again Again sequel. Maybe their sniffers will find buried treasure. :-)

I'll keep my eye on that cat. As the old saying goes, "I can only trust cats as far as I can throw them." However, I can throw them quite far, especially when nobody's looking. lol!