Sunday, April 20, 2008

Apr 20: Red Egg and Ginger Party

Baby CT had a Red Egg and Ginger Party.

A Red Egg and Ginger Party is a Chinese tradition where a baby is introduced to the world at his one month birthday. In our modern times, the party can be held at a later age.

Red represents happiness and good luck.
Eggs represent fertility and life renewing.
Ginger goes back to the belief that our bodies when in harmony contain a balance of male/female energy. Also, sometimes called yin and yang, or hot and cold energy. Our bodies can be rebalanced by the food we eat since foods have male and female energy, hot and cool, yin and yang. Giving birth is female energy and ginger contains hot/male energy that rebalances the energy in the body.

CT resting the night before the party. Awww.... cute chubby cheeks. :-)

CT at the Red Egg and Ginger Party.
Note: the red eggs and red ginger - doubly lucky.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful baby! What fun - enjoy!

Eat4Fun said...

Yes, he's very cute.